internal audit program

Posted By: abbyauditor

internal audit program - 12/29/06 08:24 PM

I am new to internal audit and I really don't know where to begin. Does anyone have an internal audit program that they would mind sharing?
Posted By: TexasBankerGirl

Re: internal audit program - 01/17/07 04:56 PM

Sorry Abby, this is not really a reply, but a request. I am in the same boat, and wondering if you received any suggestions?
Posted By: rlcarey

Re: internal audit program - 01/17/07 05:05 PM

I would recommend using your regulator's examination manual as a basis for your programs.
Posted By: davidm

Re: internal audit program - 01/18/07 02:18 PM

Financial Managers Society used to produce a Financial Institution Internal Audit Manual that has some very good information on setup and structure of an audit department and audit programs for most bank functions. You might check their web site to see if it is still published.