"Rural and Underserved"

Posted By: Parluc

"Rural and Underserved" - 02/04/20 06:36 PM

Our small community bank is located in a "Rural and Underserved" county. We are also a small creditor. Being both, we get a lot of exceptions to the regulations.

My question is.....Can I do a real estate loan in a county that is not a "rural and underserved" county and still get the exceptions that apply to Rural and Underserved. Does it go by my banks location or the property location or both?

We have a borrower that we would like to do a portfolio home loan for on property located in a large urban county.
Posted By: rlcarey

Re: "Rural and Underserved" - 02/05/20 04:15 PM

You either qualify or you do not. Where you make specific loans is not a consideration.
Posted By: Parluc

Re: "Rural and Underserved" - 02/05/20 04:45 PM

Thank you!