New QM Rule and Investment Properties

Posted By: CMSIngenue

New QM Rule and Investment Properties - 04/28/22 06:32 PM

The QM Small Entity Compliance Guide stares QM applies to all occupancy types. Yet Reg Z does not apply to investment properties. So does the new QM Pricing rule apply to investment properties?
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Re: New QM Rule and Investment Properties - 04/28/22 06:35 PM

What do you mean that Reg. Z does not apply to investment properties? The ATR/QM rules apply to ANY consumer purpose loan secured by a dwelling, so long as it isn't otherwise exempt (temp. financing, etc.). "Investment properties" is pretty much a meaningless term when it comes to Reg. Z. An "investment property" can be one that someone who has no other dealings in a real estate related business owns as a consumer investment (for example, a loan to buy out a relative on a family-inherited home). Or an "investment property" can be a loan to purchase a non-owner occupied rent home, which is indeed exempt from the entirety of Reg. Z (including ATR/QM).

Additionally, purpose not collateral drives Reg. Z coverage.....i can pledge my non-owner occupied rent home as collateral for a loan to fund my vacation to Hawaii.....totally covered by Reg. Z and ATR/QM rules. On the flip side, i can pledge my primary residence for a loan to purchase cattle for my ranch.....totally exempt from Reg. Z and ATR/QM rules

"Investment properties" as a phrase has its place i suppose, but it gets dangerous when used as some sort of blanket statement covering any home that isn't a primary residence. The only sort of blanket exemption in Reg. Z when it comes to occupancy of homes is the exemption for loans to acquire, improve, or maintain "non-owner occupied" rent homes. That's it. When people start lumping other things into that in some vague idea of "investment properties" and what is and isn't exempt...problems can follow.
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Re: New QM Rule and Investment Properties - 04/28/22 06:49 PM

Here's the citation, to be more technically correct (so HELOCs and timeshare plans are also exempt):

(a) Scope. This section applies to any consumer credit transaction that is secured by a dwelling, as defined in § 1026.2(a)(19), including any real property attached to a dwelling, other than:

(1) A home equity line of credit subject to § 1026.40;

(2) A mortgage transaction secured by a consumer's interest in a timeshare plan, as defined in 11 U.S.C. 101(53(D)); or

(and (3) goes on to list other exemptions, like the temporary financing one i mentioned above....but i didn't want to copy and paste all of that, because i don't think it's particularly relevant to what you're asking. The main point is.....nowhere does it give any exemption for "investment properties".)