Homeownership Counseling

Posted By: Farm Girl

Homeownership Counseling - 03/13/14 10:14 PM

We are going to provide the Homeownership Counseling Notice in our loan packets which is all handed to applicants at the application stage and consists of all of the early disclosures.

If the loan will be a HCML, they will be required to go through the counseling. When we provide our GFE, we do not list any service providers they can shop from for their settlement services. We are a small community and have, in most cases, only one provider of the services. However, since the Counseling Notice is going to list ten counselors, do we now have to provide a separate sheet of paper with the counseling providers and provide it again with the GFE?

We have never provided a written list of providers with the GFE before but will we need to now to include the Counselors?
Posted By: rlcarey

Re: Homeownership Counseling - 03/14/14 12:29 PM

You are required to provide a provider list for any services you list on the GFE in Block 6.
Posted By: Farm Girl

Re: Homeownership Counseling - 03/17/14 03:47 PM

So WHEN does this list have to be provided? Can it be given at application or does it have to be given at the time of when the GFE is provided?
Posted By: Dan Persfull

Re: Homeownership Counseling - 03/17/14 03:55 PM

Appendix C

Where a loan originator permits a borrower to shop for third party settlement services, the loan originator must provide the borrower with a written list of settlement services providers at the time of the GFE, on a separate sheet of paper.
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Re: Homeownership Counseling - 03/17/14 04:38 PM

For the sake of discussion, Randy and Dan, would you give the complete list again or just one name for the company whose fee you're using for Block 6?
Posted By: Dan Persfull

Re: Homeownership Counseling - 03/17/14 04:53 PM

We will most likely add the name to our current list and resend it if the need should ever come up.