LE Question

Posted By: beegee

LE Question - 06/11/20 03:38 PM

We prepared a Loan Estimate as follows:
Purchase price - $30,000.00
Loan amount - $22,500.00
Fees were to be paid in cash, and were accidentally shown as financed, increasing the loan amount to $24,149.15.

Property did not appraise:
New purchase price - $25,000.00
New loan amount - $17,250.00
And fees will be paid in cash

My question is, do we need to re-disclose? Normally with a reduction in fees, we would not, but with the original LE reflecting the fees being financed, will we need to?
Posted By: rlcarey

Re: LE Question - 06/11/20 04:13 PM

Lender error is not a changed circumstance. Re-disclosure at this time, if fees are not increasing, is totally up to you.