Acknoweled of Receipt of Appraisal

Posted By: Love Cruising

Acknoweled of Receipt of Appraisal - 09/20/20 08:04 PM

If our application was receive via a broker, the broker as one of it's services stated on the broker agreement is to provide the applicant with a copy of the appraisal. When we order and receive an appraisal we sent the broker the appraisal via email so it can be delivered to the borrower. At closing we have an acknowledgement in which the borrower attest having received the appraisal at least 3 days prior to closing. Would that be sufficient proof that of having provided the appraisal prior to closing as required by Reg B.
Posted By: rlcarey

Re: Acknoweled of Receipt of Appraisal - 09/21/20 11:21 AM

Sounds like it to me, but the broker should have some sort of record of when they provided it, which they should be passing to you. No different than the records you would keep when you send it directly to an applicant in order to make sure it was delivered timely. If you get an appraisal several weeks before closing and the broker does not send it until three days before closing, you have a violation.
Posted By: Love Cruising

Re: Acknoweled of Receipt of Appraisal - 09/22/20 02:13 PM

Thank you