Construction Loan

Posted By: Nicole

Construction Loan - 01/14/21 03:18 PM

Hello, we rarely do true construction consumer loans. Is the lender draw inspections fees a prepaid finance charge? Also to confirm it will go in Box A correct?

Thank you!
Posted By: rlcarey

Re: Construction Loan - 01/14/21 03:33 PM

Yes - since they are for a service that will be performed after the loan closes, they would be a pre-paid finance charge if collected at closing. If they are collect after the loan closes, then they would still have to be factored in as finance charges.

What box they go in will depend on whether or not, the bank conducts the inspections (Sec A), an unknown vendor will be selected later (Sec A), or you know the vender that you are going to use (Sec B).