Expanded AUS Results

Posted By: Cliff Johnson

Expanded AUS Results - 01/02/19 06:59 PM

Data collected in 2018 had 17 reporting options for AUS Results and now data collected in 2019 and beyond have 25 options. This added exemptions for S2155 but also expanded the reporting options when the AUS is TOTAL or GUS. I'd greatly appreciate if anyone can point me to a reference or commentary that explains the need for the expansion. I've looked far and wide and have come up empty.
Posted By: rlcarey

Re: Expanded AUS Results - 01/02/19 08:11 PM

I believe they just expanded to codes to more accurately match the results that the various underwriting systems produce rather than the bank always using the freeform entry.
Posted By: Cliff Johnson

Re: Expanded AUS Results - 01/03/19 11:23 AM

Makes sense. Thanks for the reply!