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credit score - 05/29/20 07:15 PM

The credit report we run (Experian) provides 00000 for a credit score when there are no active trade lines, so essentially no credit score. However, 00000 is a number. Should we report 00000 or 8888?

The FIG does not clarify this matter (except in its description of when not to use 7777) and only states "use code 8888 if the requirement to report the credit score does not apply to the covered loan..." We pull credit, use it, and sometimes have to deny applications because of having no credit, so I have a hard time classifying these in the N/A bucket.

Is this one of those fields we just have to pick a method or reporting and be consistent?
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Re: credit score - 05/29/20 07:22 PM

Zero is not a score when the possible credit score range is 300 to 800 or whatever the range is.

I believe 8888 is your answer.
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Re: credit score - 05/29/20 09:19 PM

Understood. Thank you.