Trust Account Titles

Posted By: Grizilda

Trust Account Titles - 06/27/08 04:54 PM

The trust information frequently seems to require more space than our system allows for.

Is it acceptable to abbreviate/consolidate when establishing a new account titled in a trust?
1) For example, Rev. Liv. Trust or RLT rather than Revocable Living Trust.
2) How about the John & Jane Doe Family Trust rather than the John Doe & Jane Doe Family Trust?
Posted By: nbk2yj2

Re: Trust Account Titles - 06/29/08 02:36 AM

I wouldn't recommend ever deviating from the legal name of the trust. Abbreviating the words Revocable Living Trust is safe but not the name itself. This was our instruction to the branch people when i was with the legal support department.
Posted By: Grizilda

Re: Trust Account Titles - 06/30/08 04:17 PM

Thank you.