Security Reports

Posted By: Nick Phillips

Security Reports - 12/24/12 04:21 PM

We get, from our alarm monitoring company, a weekly report that shows when keyholders armed and disarmed the premises, vaults etc. If anyone get the same type of report, how long do you keep them? Seems silly to maintain DVR images for 90 days or so but keep these reports forever. I have 10+ years and want to get rid of them but I don't know how many to keep.

Any input would be appreciated.
Posted By: Always In Training

Re: Security Reports - 01/15/13 02:27 PM

We keep ours from exam to exam. We keep our DVR images longer than 90 days...
Posted By: Jman253

Re: Security Reports - 03/19/13 09:34 PM

How do you keep your images for longer than 90 days. We struggle to get 30-40 days max? Is there a secret to storage because we have 32 TB and its still not enough for 90 days. Is there a reg stating you must keep for a certain period? Just curious I have never found such.
Posted By: Pup

Re: Security Reports - 03/26/13 09:52 PM

How many cameras are you putting on 32 TB? There are settings, such as "record only on motion" or how many frames per second you are capturing that can help tremendously.

For reference, with 16 cameras on 2 TB, we were getting better than 2 months.
Posted By: Jman253

Re: Security Reports - 03/28/13 02:44 PM

Ill message you pup. But we just switched over to an IP system and its great images but storage is less to be desired. 19 cameras.