Forwarding Mail

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Forwarding Mail - 10/31/03 03:01 PM

I am trying to see if any of you know what common practice is in regards to forwarding mail.

Do you forward bank mail (e.g., customer changes address at post office, but not at bank, they will still receive mail)? If so, what are your change of address procedures, etc.?

If not, what are your procedures?
Posted By: RayLynch

Re: Forwarding Mail - 10/31/03 03:12 PM

Given the rising concern (and potential liability) for identity theft I do not think it is advisable that anyone describe their institution's policies about changing a customer's address for mailing statements in a public forum.
Posted By: RBanker

Re: Forwarding Mail - 10/31/03 03:12 PM

We do not request that our mail be forwarded - if the customer has changed their address at post office, but not at bank, we will use data-bases to contact customer and request a signed change of address - since ID theft/fraud is so prevalent, we will ONLY change account addresses per our customer.

I myself had an experience with that this spring, where my hometown bank back in IL somehow, someway got a statement back with a change of address notice on it - my bank, where our families have banked for over 40 years, looked at it, saw the name was misspelled (didn't match mine) and changed the address anyway - needless to say I closed that account immediately!!!
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Re: Forwarding Mail - 10/31/03 05:20 PM

I would also like to point out that our institution does not allow DO NOT MAILS for individual customers. Customers are told to obtain a PO Box if they do not wish to have their statements mailed to their home address for any number of reasons. We had an internal problem where one of our platform employees changed the mailing address of an elderly customer to a Do Not Mail and then proceded to drain the account.