Skype Calls

Posted By: Kristen C.

Skype Calls - 02/27/13 06:11 PM

Our bank has been getting calls from Sykpe users. We received three calls the other day at different branch locations. Our employees followed procedure as they would with a regular phone inquiry and asked the caller security questions. Each time the callers were unable to answer the questions and disconnected. The callers provided our employees with the account names and social security numbers of three different people. None of the people were in our data base. Has anyone else dealt with these types of calls?
Posted By: Andy_Z

Re: Skype Calls - 02/27/13 06:58 PM

New to me. So they're using video for these calls?
Posted By: Andy_Z

Re: Skype Calls - 02/27/13 07:01 PM

BTW, if this gets more than generic it may have to move to a Private forum. We don't want details of security procedures, but do want bankers and customers to be aware of fraud.
Posted By: Kathleen O. Blanchard

Re: Skype Calls - 02/27/13 07:22 PM

I make Skype calls without video.