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Posted By: mzachau, CRCM

third party link - 04/27/09 09:32 PM

We just signed on with Mortgage Bot as our consumer loan origination provider. We will be placing a link on our website where customers can apply for loans online. I don't believe there needs to be a "speed-bump" or seperate page notifying the customer they are leaving our site but wanted to make sure.
Posted By: YoungAndEager

Re: third party link - 04/27/09 09:48 PM

Our bank homepage links directly to Mortgage Bot, and there is no pop-up stating you are leaving our website.
Posted By: Amos

Re: third party link - 04/28/09 12:30 PM

See footnote 3 in the weblinking guidance:
"This guidance applies to links to third parties that offer products, services, or information directly to
financial institution customers. It does not apply to operational links from a financial institution's website to
a third party service provider that is providing services on behalf of the financial institution, e.g., a link to
the institution's Internet banking service provider."