EMV Mastercard Brand Switch

Posted By: ElectronicUser

EMV Mastercard Brand Switch - 07/01/15 09:01 PM

With our EMV deployment, we are also considering a brand flip from Visa to Mastercard. This project has just been dropped to me and I've been asked to determine what obstacles there are to brand flips. I'm hoping to get some pointers and tips as to what worked for people and what didn't during a brand flip.

Any and all advice is welcome!!
Posted By: BetsyS

Re: EMV Mastercard Brand Switch - 07/02/15 01:00 AM

You have my sincerest condolences!

Kidding aside, a brand switch would mean a complete card reissuance and deactivation of the old BIN. You have the upfront cost of the reissue, which will be substantial with EMV cards. You don't necessarily have to do a mass reissue with your EMV strategy. If you stayed with the same brand and BINs you have the option of reissuing EMV cards at standard reissue and spread out the cost over time.

Although we didn't switch Brands, I have done complete BIN conversions twice in my career. They are a lot of work, and no matter what efforts you make to communicate with your customers, it will cause cardholder disruption and inconvenience. Not only will your customers have new account numbers and different card benefits because of the brand shift, they will be dealing with learning how to use an EMV card. The residual activity on the old BIN also takes a long time to wrap up; we called it the gift that keeps on giving. Just when you thought you were about done...

Bottom line, make sure the benefits of switching brands (lower costs, better enhancements, etc...) outweigh the negatives.
Posted By: Andy_Z

Re: EMV Mastercard Brand Switch - 07/02/15 01:52 PM

I'm not familiar with the ins and outs BetsyS describes but it sounds like many of those EMV costs will be on you any way. If a switch is in the future it may be more economical done concurrently with this project.
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Re: EMV Mastercard Brand Switch - 07/02/15 08:27 PM

The two reasons for the switch are Ops got mad at Visa for changing the relationship status, which increased costs and fees, and a higher interchange revenue stream with Mastercard.

Thank you BetsyS! There was a BIN conversion in the past that did NOT go well as we had requested a soft conversion and it would up being a hard cut.