Business Online Banking Access

Posted By: jenn314

Business Online Banking Access - 04/21/16 02:46 PM

Do other institutions allow multiple businesses accounts with a common owner to be set up in the same online banking set up even if all the owners are not the same on each business? why or why not?
Posted By: osucpa

Re: Business Online Banking Access - 04/21/16 04:25 PM

I would think part of the issue could be how your online banking system is set up. Will it allow different customers to be grouped together. If your online banking is set up by owner rather than account type, you could end up with some privacy issues trying to keep the accounts grouped together.

Let me guess a customer complained that they have to use different log ins for different online banking accounts and now the bank wants to try and figure a way of fixing this.
Posted By: BowlingQueen

Re: Business Online Banking Access - 04/22/16 01:58 PM

We do allow multiple businesses to be on the same online banking set-up. However, the users' access is based on whether they are a signer on the accounts and/or if the administrator grants them access on certain accounts. We can limit users to inquiry only or full access to perform transactions/transfers/stop payments/wires. All of that is determined in the electronic banking agreement which can only be signed by a principal/officer/owner of the business.

Hope that helps! smile
Posted By: I am Jack's Banker

Re: Business Online Banking Access - 05/12/16 02:58 PM

We are having this discussion as well. When you say "business accounts" do you mean DBA or LLC and Inc? If they are Inc. or LLC, I am concerned about the ability to move funds between entities and at what point does that put the bank on notice for breech of fiduciary duty in the event of a bankruptcy. I understand the convenience on behalf of the customer but the risk seems bigger than the inconvenience of multiple logins.