Personal online banking sharing

Posted By: rrush

Personal online banking sharing - 05/17/17 09:57 PM

Husband gets a loan in only his name. Wife pays all the bills. Husband wants his loan to show up in her online banking. Would your bank to that? If so, do you require the husband to sign something that says she has rights to see it?
Posted By: rlcarey

Re: Personal online banking sharing - 05/18/17 12:16 PM

The banks that I know of only allow it if the on-line banking system allows the husband in this case to assign access to another person to his own account. Access is then controlled by the accountholder and it takes the bank out of the equation. As far as tying the account to her on-line banking account - no.
Posted By: rrush

Re: Personal online banking sharing - 05/18/17 12:26 PM

Thank you - that is what I thought but I can be a little overly cautious according to staff.