ATM dispute

Posted By: lisawin

ATM dispute - 03/01/18 09:50 PM

If we have an ATM dispute where the customer states they did not make the transaction and the debit card has the VISA logo
on it. According to our records it did not go through the visa network. Would this fall under Reg. E due to the pin number being
used or would this fall under VISA because of the card having the VISA logo on the card?
Posted By: BrianC

Re: ATM dispute - 03/01/18 10:39 PM

VISA only extends its Zero Liability protections to transactions processed by VISA, but since we have a claim of an unauthorized EFT, Reg E 1005.6 liability and 1005.11 investigation procedures would apply.

Be careful when asking questions of "Would this fall under VISA or Reg E...?" as many claims are covered by both sets of rules.
Posted By: lisawin

Re: ATM dispute - 03/01/18 11:04 PM

Does the Visa Zero liability protection extend to transactions conducted with a pin. For example, I use my pin at the grocery store instead of my signature. (The transaction is processed by visa).
Posted By: BrianC

Re: ATM dispute - 03/02/18 01:14 AM

VISA Zero Liability was expanded in October 2014 to include all transactions processed by VISA including PIN-based purchases and ATM withdrawals on VISA's ATM network (PLUS).
Posted By: lisawin

Re: ATM dispute - 03/02/18 03:54 PM

Thank you