Yet Another Skim Scam

Posted By: Andy_Z

Yet Another Skim Scam - 03/02/04 02:35 AM

Great pictures showing how these ATMs get "fixed" and the consumer won't know a thing until they get their statement or run out of money sooner, rather than later. (And don't count on them reviewing their statement.)

These may also be in the Security section of the site as Mary Beth may have discussed these once before, but not at UT.
Posted By: Suwannee

Re: Yet Another Skim Scam - 03/04/04 02:23 PM

Andy, that is scary. I always look at the ATM to see if I can see anything out of the ordinary. These people are good. I am distributing these pictures to my company this week.
Posted By: Paragon

Re: Yet Another Skim Scam - 03/04/04 04:58 PM

Actually, this is an extraordinary well thought out method of ripping off banks. All one needs to do is put the equipment in place just for a few hours each day.

It seems like the only solution would involve special coding on the real card. We will probably end up using a thumb print some day.
Posted By: Andy_Z

Re: Yet Another Skim Scam - 03/07/04 09:35 PM

Also, see the March 7 Blog entry for a newer and harder to detect skim scam.