XBox and Debit Card

Posted By: scottb

XBox and Debit Card - 07/26/19 08:26 PM

I hope this question isn't a repeat...I have searched past thread and haven't seen anything similar. A customer purchases a game on their Xbox using their debit card. A couple months later, several other Xbox charges posts using the customer's debit card. Customer claims they had only purchased one game on the Xbox. I'm does Xbox the debit card information saved in the Xbox? Is it password protected? If the customer's child uses the Xbox to purchase more Xbox games, is the Bank liable under Reg E to reimburse the customers account for the purchases?
Posted By: Andy_Z

Re: XBox and Debit Card - 07/26/19 08:34 PM is a good thread and review 1005.14 and any agreement the X-Box store has on these purchases.