Paypal Charge

Posted By: bande

Paypal Charge - 12/27/19 08:39 PM

A customer has disputed a charge that is less that what we normally process chargebacks.. In this case the customer paid for an item thru their paypal account which completed to their debit card. The customer never received the merchandise. The customer has tried to got thru paypal's fraud reporting both online and by phone with no results. Does the bank have any responsibility in this case because the merchandise was not received or no responsibility because paypal was authorized? Thanks.
Posted By: rlcarey

Re: Paypal Charge - 12/27/19 08:41 PM

That would be correct. The PayPal charge to their account was authorized.
Posted By: bande

Re: Paypal Charge - 01/02/20 08:43 PM

Thank you!
Posted By: Andy_Z

Re: Paypal Charge - 01/13/20 09:13 PM

PayPal generally has Reg E responsibility when it is used. See 1005.14. But Reg E doesn't care if the consumer received or is happy with the goods or services, only that the transaction was authorized. So while late to the party, double no. They need to go back to PayPal.