Texting a customer a message

Posted By: bjohnson13

Texting a customer a message - 02/24/21 05:28 PM

So if we wanted to send a text message to a customer who filed fraud disputes saying something along the lines of "I am trying to reach you about your recently filed card dispute. please call me back within 2 business days at (This Number) are we required to have them opt in to receiving that message?

This seems the same as a phone call, but I have seen references to having customer opt in or consent to receiving text messages. This is also not a required notification (like a change notice) so do not think ESign would apply and opting in would be a best practice. Am I thinking about this correctly and should I be looking at other considerations? Thanks.
Posted By: Inspector

Re: Texting a customer a message - 02/24/21 06:01 PM

If this is an automated message you would want to have consent prior to sending the messages. Even if its manual, or you want to say you have consent because they provided the number you would probably want to give the customer the ability to opt-out of receiving text messages along with the message.
Posted By: Andy_Z

Re: Texting a customer a message - 03/05/21 05:11 PM

It is transaction specific. The problem I see is if I received this without expecting it, I'm not using any links and I'm not calling a number I don't know. In the last few days I received text messages saying "Your information was compromised! Do you recognize the following transaction..." and there is a cryptic link. I also came in 3rd in an Amazon Apple Earpods giveaway and there was another cryptic link to claim my prize. My son (why I got the text I have idea but it used his name, won an Apple iPad, he was 1 of 10 winners, yippeee.

My point is, have them call the bank's main number and ask for a person or extension, not a direct number. Transparency is safer even when it includes multiple steps.