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Cash App/PayPal/Venmo - 03/16/21 03:29 PM

I've attended a few Reg E webinars and have received conflicting information on what our responsibilities are when a customer disputes transactions on these types of payment accounts. I realize if the customer does not have Cash App/Venmo/Paypal, that we are responsible for investigating the claim, but if they do have these payment accounts and they are seeing fraud either on their debit card, or ACH, should they be contacting the applicable vendor to dispute?
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Re: Cash App/PayPal/Venmo - 03/16/21 03:46 PM

This thread might be helpful. CashApp/Venmo Possible Friendly Fraud
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InFairness provided a very appropriate link. The issue you must know is about the service provider and who has what responsibilities based on where the account is and how the transfer happened.
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How do I get permission to view the link provided?
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The above link was posted in the private threads, do you have access to that area (did you request access previously)?
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Oh. I'm actually not sure. I have had in the past but it may have been at my old bank.
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Banking Forever -- I have verified your email address as a bank email, and have given you access to the private forums.
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