Zelle Credit Question

Posted By: bande

Zelle Credit Question - 06/02/21 07:21 PM

We have a customer who has received 5 credits to his debit card Marked Zel* and a name. There are two different people's names. One is for $1500 and the other 4 from the same person total $3500. The customer states that his wife is in England and they are going to help pay for a person's brain surgery. He wants to take the money out and send it to England. This looks like a Zelle transaction but we have not ever seen a credit from them previously for this amount of money in this pattern. If it turns out the funds have been sent fraudulently to our customer, what is the bank's liability? What is the customer's liability? Thank you..
Posted By: rlcarey

Re: Zelle Credit Question - 06/02/21 07:54 PM

Ask them if they can spell "M U L E". Your liability - none. The customer's liability - tell them to talk to their attorney.