electronic record retention

Posted By: Bear Collector, CRCM

electronic record retention - 01/11/02 09:13 PM

Does anyone know if there is any regulatory guidance on how long a bank should retain e-mail correspndence from consumers? We want to store them in electronic files on our server, but our electronic filing system does not have the ability to store information for different time periods.
Any help would be appreciated.
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Re: electronic record retention - 01/12/02 07:34 PM

Transfer your paper based requirements and you are there. There is nothing special about e-mail retention. If you saved complaint letters for 3 years or exam to exam, do the same thing with e-mail.

Andy Zavoina
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Re: electronic record retention - 03/04/03 01:19 AM

Is there a good website that will have the Eleventh District Retention Schedule for all areas? (eg. reg.E, lending,Operations, etc...)
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Re: electronic record retention - 03/04/03 01:36 AM

I haven't looked, but if there is a good site for all types of retention, it will get a lot of visitors.

Part of the difficulty here is that state requirements can come into play.