NCR vs. Diebold

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NCR vs. Diebold - 08/02/04 08:53 PM

Anybody out there have an opinion on whether NCR or Diebold ATMs are better? I'd be interested to hear your thoughts and/or experience if you do. Thanks!
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Re: NCR vs. Diebold - 08/02/04 09:05 PM

I'm not sure if one is really any better than the other. We have both and they perform equally well. IMO it all comes down to service. Which vendor will give you better service and response time. At my last bank, we used NCR machines because there was a local service tech in town. If we had used Diebold, the nearest service tech was in a town about 100 miles away. We currently use a third-party service company and get excellent response time. I have heard that TRITON makes a very reliable ATM that is less expensive than Diebold or NCR. I will probably take a look at those when we begin adding or replacing machines.
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Re: NCR vs. Diebold - 08/04/04 08:54 PM

I have 2 Diebolds and 1 NCR. The only problem I have right now is with the Triple DES upgrades that have to be performed on my two has to be with their software and it's quite expensive (even if another vendor performs the task which negates any future serive from Diebold). I'm considering just replacing both with refurbed NCR's.
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Re: NCR vs. Diebold - 08/04/04 09:41 PM

Hey Qtip ... I was faced with the same situation with several of my NCR and Diebold machines. I found a solution that is much less expensive. Pi Systems has a PinPad replacement and 3DES Control Module solution that has been approved by Visa and Mastercard and numerous processors. The cost is around $4k per machine. PM me with your fax number and I will send you the info that I have.
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Re: NCR vs. Diebold - 08/11/04 01:14 PM

Thanks for the input.

Qtip - have you had any issues with having a mixed bag of ATM brands? Supplies? Servicing? Etc?
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Re: NCR vs. Diebold - 08/11/04 08:20 PM

We have all Diebold units. A former employer used NCRs. They are both good units. I can tell you that Diebold build security features into their machines that other manufacturers do not.
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Re: NCR vs. Diebold - 08/18/04 08:27 PM

One issue that I ran into in the past was having a Mosler alarm system and Diebold ATM. Whenever we would have an alarm malfunction the Mosler guy would come and check things out and say "Must be the ATM" then the Diebold guy would come and say "It's not my ATM, must be the Mosler Alarm". It was wonderful when Diebold took over Mosler - the repair guy just had to fix it! I have seen some of the same issues with hooking up the NCR ATM cameras to our Diebold surveillance system - neither one of them wants to fix any problems we have with them.
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Re: NCR vs. Diebold - 09/18/04 01:00 AM

Well being that I am a Diebold ATM tech charged with installing new atms, upgrading them with the triple Des keypads, and other troubleshooting; I have to recommend Diebold. Ncr machines have a vacuum type picking system that is questionable in its performance, while Diebold ATMs use a series of belts and motors. Belts and motors are very easy to replace. Many of the new ATMs that I install are replacing NCRs. With the new Optivas, I can understand: Clean modern design, Better consumer screen visibility, up to 5 cassetes, faster transaction processing, Rear Balancing capabilities, electronic data capture. Best of all Diebold is made in America while NCR is assembled in Canada.
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Re: NCR vs. Diebold - 09/21/04 01:00 AM

I have five Diebold 1064 ATMs needing new homes. They range from 2 to 4 years old and the California Native Casino is quite motivated to sell them. I wish I knew where to advertise this!
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Re: NCR vs. Diebold - 09/21/04 01:16 AM

David, being unregistered you won't get a lot of bytes here. But if you contact Tobi Chunowitz (888) 229-8872 x 801, who heads sales for BOL, I'd bet she could set you up with some advertising.
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Re: NCR vs. Diebold - 09/25/04 01:10 AM

e1dward, if you are selling, please read the post above.
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Re: NCR vs. Diebold - 11/19/04 08:13 PM

We are looking to replace ATMs at branches located in Northeast PA. We currently have Diebold and their service. Sr Mgment is looking at getting NCR machines. Does this effect settlement having two different machines? How is service for NCR's, we are looking at the company of Redhawk? Please advise.
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Re: NCR vs. Diebold - 12/06/04 03:37 PM

I have two NCRs that dispense stamps. Ever since they have been in operation, both machines will quit dispensing stamps at random, but at the same time. The customer gets a message saying the stamps are currently unavailable. The monitoring system isn't picking up any sort of problem. The host can fix it by sending another load to the machines, but we have found no permanent fix. Numerous times I have had technicians check out both ATMs and they see no physical problem occurring. Ditto the network host regarding programming. The Diebolds I had before never had this problem. I'm beginning to wonder if there isn't some sort of incompatibility between the NCR machines and the network. Anyone had a similar problem?
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Re: NCR vs. Diebold - 12/07/04 11:04 AM

We have NCR and I have to say that the service isnt bad but the machine is ancient. We had someone out looking at our machine and were told that it was considering being replaced. How much do these machines cost? We didnt even get a coupon this year for our turkey that we normally get and they can look into spending big bucks for a new machine. Doesnt seem quite fair does it.
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Re: NCR vs. Diebold - 12/30/04 08:57 PM

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Re: NCR vs. Diebold - 01/01/05 12:00 AM

There have been several incidents lately of a certain model of Diebold ATMs broken into around here. They were all the same model. I didn't save the alerts because we don't have that kind.
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Re: NCR vs. Diebold - 02/02/05 02:04 PM

i have 39 Diebold 1064 ix coming off lease model year 2001 anyone interested call wayne 888-626-2894
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Re: NCR vs. Diebold - 02/02/05 02:31 PM


Anybody out there have an opinion on whether NCR or Diebold ATMs are better?

They are both industry standards, so there will be strengths, weaknesses, and personal preferences. The key issue for you is to conduct and document your third party due diligence, and to gain assurance as to what type of post-installation support and upgrades you can expect.

It wasn't very long ago that I recall working with a Mosler representative out of Massachusetts on a large-scale project. I spoke to him one day, and the next day when I tried to reach him the Mosler office was shut down. Mosler had quietly gone belly-up. For whomever you select, you want to gain a comfort level with their balance sheet, income statement, and their long-term plans to support the currency-dispensing device you're interested in. Can the device be upgraded when three-factor biometrics kicks in (which is already in place for several New York City institutions' ATMs)? Your due diligence can provide you with a better comfort level than the anecdotal feedback we on BOL can provide you with. Good luck.
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Re: NCR vs. Diebold - 06/03/05 03:15 PM

Diebold has better service than NCR. Someone from Diebold will come out that same day to fix or take a look at a problem.