Yet another EFT dispute question

Posted By: Anonymous

Yet another EFT dispute question - 11/16/05 04:13 PM

Customer signs up online for a DHL shipping account. To complete the registration, the customer enters his debit card number and chooses how he would like to pay his shipping charges. Customer is now stating that DHL mis-quoted him for shipping charges and he did not authorize them to debit his account. He disputed with DHL but they aren't going to adjust his account. Can he dispute this through us now??
Posted By: Andy_Z

Re: Yet another EFT dispute question - 11/16/05 06:08 PM

Yes. And you can investigate and have DHL say they charged what was disclosed and deny the claim if that is where the facts lead you.

You shouldn't deny them the opportunity to file a claim. They say the wrong amount was debited. That is a valid claim. 205.11(a)