Burger King promotion with Visa

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Burger King promotion with Visa - 05/31/07 03:52 PM

So have you heard about the latest promotion coming from Visa? They have partnered with Visa to give away free BK meals for every 10th Visa purchase made at participating restaurants. Cardholders register their Visa card online, Visa tracks their purchases at BK, and for every 10th qualified meal, Visa issues a statement credit for the amount of the 10th purchase (up to $7.00).

I'm already cringing. Who is the customer going to call when they don't get their credit....us. Our card processor has already told us we'll have to handle customer inquiries. But, here's my biggest question.... if they don't get their credit, and contact us to complain, is it a Reg E claim?!?!
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Re: Burger King promotion with Visa - 05/31/07 04:38 PM

Is this specifically for Visa Credit Cards or do Debit Cards fall under this as well? As for the Reg E... I wish I had an answer....
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Re: Burger King promotion with Visa - 05/31/07 04:52 PM

I believe it will apply to both credit and debit cards. The promo material we've received says "by bringing this opportunity to cardholders, you can increase cardholder awareness of acceptance at Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs), which can lead to increased volume as cardholders switch their payment method from cash to Visa."

It goes on: "the promotion will be supported with advertising in the top 25 Burger King markets, online presence and POS materials at participating Burger King restaurants." "The Fastest Way to a Free Meal promotion is open to all Visa cardholders who frequent Burger King."

Oh, and if we're interested, Visa's got generic statement inserts available for a special price. Yeah Right!!
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Re: Burger King promotion with Visa - 06/06/07 09:31 PM

it will apply to both. as far as Reg E goes I am not sure, but I would think not covered. It appears that these credits will be sent to issuers in their settlement reports and need to be manually posted to customer accounts. At least that's how it looks through my system. I wouldn't worry too much about this, I have a hard time picturing a large group of people registering to save $7 from BK after 10 purchases. In fact I would be surprised if I ever see a single credit for this and I have 120k cards....
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Re: Burger King promotion with Visa - 06/07/07 02:00 AM

The more I think about it, the more I agree that Reg E will NOT apply. If anything, it would just be a dispute they'd have to take up with BK or Visa. I think we can stay out of it.