Tobacco in the workplace

Posted By: GoneToTexas

Tobacco in the workplace - 08/21/08 02:20 PM

Do any of you have specific polices or rules about the use of tobacco in the workplace? We have "No Smoking" signs at all entrances, but we have some employees who use smokeless tobacco at their desks. In my opinion, it is quite unprofessional to see a spit cup on someone's desk, or hear the person spitting in the workplace.
Posted By: Zoo Mama

Re: Tobacco in the workplace - 08/21/08 02:27 PM

Good gravy! I can't imagine. Most places in this area make you leave the bank property to partake of any tobacco product. I don't want to see someone with a spit cup anywhere let alone a place of business.
Posted By: RR Joker

Re: Tobacco in the workplace - 08/21/08 03:10 PM

Yuck! Shoot, even back in the day when we could smoke in designated areas at work, no one did that, and we are pretty darn rural!
Posted By: CUgirl

Re: Tobacco in the workplace - 08/22/08 12:45 PM

Gone....a spitcup is more repulsive than an ashtray if you ask me. Maybe your FI should change to a no tobacco policy. If you allow one person to use tobacco at their desk, then you should let everyone. Smokers may take it as discrimination.
Posted By: GoneToTexas

Re: Tobacco in the workplace - 08/22/08 05:16 PM

Thanks, y'all.
I tried to get HR to ammend our policy to include all forms of tobacco - you've given me some good ammo!