Personnel Files

Posted By: DerrickAuditor

Personnel Files - 06/22/11 01:48 PM

I understand we should keep three separate files: I-9s, Personnel (resume, application, PAF, performance reviews, etc.), and medical (background and credit checks, drug tests, medical and dental benefits, notes from doctors, disability information, etc.). If I understand the purpose of keeping separate files, it is to ensure personnel files do not contain information that could be discriminatory when making decisions on promotions or transfers.

How separate do the files have to be? Our HR department is keeping them in separate file folders, but all three are side-by-side by person. Is this practice acceptable or should I'9s be physically located in one file cabinet, personnel files in a different set of cabinets, and medical files in a separate set of locked cabinets? If the purpose is to ensure personnel files do not contain disability, race, nationality, etc. information, then it seems they should physically be separated. Thanks.
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Re: Personnel Files - 07/08/11 09:51 PM

We keep our I-9s seperate do to retention requirements. Personnel and medical are in separate files right behind each other.
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Re: Personnel Files - 07/09/11 07:25 PM

What to do if you scan your documents?
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Re: Personnel Files - 08/08/11 04:51 PM

@DerrickAuditor Best practice is to keep them all separate. I-9s should be kept, ideally, in a separate binder (active and terms in separate as well) away from personnel files. In the event of an audit, you want them easily accessible.

I keep benefit/medical information in a separate cabinet as well to prevent any chance of the information being viewed by none 'need to know' eyes.

@R Banker - Separate root folders would work for scanned documents.