Need Ideas--Maxed Out on Sick Leave

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Need Ideas--Maxed Out on Sick Leave - 08/10/17 02:35 PM

Our bank employees accrue 10 hours of sick leave a month and can accrue up to 1,120 hours. We have several employees that are about to reach the maximum amount they are allowed to accrue on sick leave. At that point it will not accrue any more. I am looking for ideas as to what sort of alternate compensation that they could get in place of the sick leave. Thanks in advance.
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Re: Need Ideas--Maxed Out on Sick Leave - 08/10/17 02:47 PM

Our employees are granted 6 days each January to add on to whatever carry over balance they have and they can accumulate up to 90 days. We have a few, myself included, that reached 90 days some years ago and we realize that no more will be added. The fact that we've been healthy enough to reach the limit should be satisfying enough.
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Re: Need Ideas--Maxed Out on Sick Leave - 08/10/17 03:07 PM

Donation pool for employees that have a documented illness and no short term disability options.
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Re: Need Ideas--Maxed Out on Sick Leave - 08/10/17 03:43 PM

HR Banker,

I am curious as how much vacation or any other paid time off that you get. Do you mind sharing?
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Re: Need Ideas--Maxed Out on Sick Leave - 08/10/17 05:37 PM

1-5 years = 10 days
6-9 years add 1 day each year (11,12,13,14)
10-20 years = 15 days
20+ = 20 days

These are in addition to 2 personal days each year as well.
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Re: Need Ideas--Maxed Out on Sick Leave - 08/10/17 06:40 PM

We accrue 1/2 day each month up to 90 days maximum. I'm not certain about giving them something for maxing out, but we do recognize perfect attendance at our annual Christmas party and recipients are awarded a day off with pay.
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Re: Need Ideas--Maxed Out on Sick Leave - 08/10/17 07:24 PM

I have 6-months accrued leave, I'm never sick, i'll never use it. I no longer accrue any, maxed out. We are allowed to take 2 personal days a year against our sick leave, I use those to do doctor visits, otherwise, nothing. I did inquire with our HR department about what Randy mentioned, trying to build a bank for others, was told "not going to happen."

Maybe I need to get to the mindset of others that use every bit of sick leave annually.
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Re: Need Ideas--Maxed Out on Sick Leave - 08/11/17 02:26 PM

We have Unscheduled Absence instead of sick time. Vacation time is a separate item. People can use Unscheduled Absence for for sick time for themselves or their kids or doctor or dental appts for them and their kids or to get their dishwasher fixed, whatever. I used a bunch of mine when my husband had surgery and I stayed with him at the hospital. The only thing you cannot use UA time for is a snow day. You're going to have to burn a vacation day if you can't get to work through the snow. Bottom line, the concept of UA time seems to work better than sick time. It also removes the lie factor because no one feels they have to :cough: be sick just to wait for the repair man or take Suzie to the orthodontist.
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Re: Need Ideas--Maxed Out on Sick Leave - 08/15/17 08:13 PM

we have 7 personal (sick) days. For a while, if we did not use them we were given a week's pay as a bonus in January of the following year - that stopped about 10 years ago.
Now if we don't use, the bank will match up to 5 and put them in our a sick bank for a maximum of (I think) 45 days). After you've reached the maximum number of banked days the rest are use or lose. They cannot carry over and you are not paid for them if you leave.

vacation - maximum is 3 weeks with the option of buying/selling a week (your weekly pay divided over the 26 pays per year to "pay for your extra week or pay you for the week you don't want. Purchased vacation is used first. if you do not use all your days and carry some over then you are not permitted to buy a week the next year.
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Re: Need Ideas--Maxed Out on Sick Leave - 08/15/17 09:39 PM

We have no carryover of our sick time, but whatever is unused at the end of the year is put into an account at whatever our salary is (i.e., $10/hour pay, 10 hours unused, $100 banked). Then when you leave the bank, assuming it's on good terms, you're paid whatever you've accrued.
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Re: Need Ideas--Maxed Out on Sick Leave - 08/16/17 06:28 PM

I'm impressed. We have PTO you get it Jan 1 and it's supposed to last till Dec 31. That's it. We went away from sick days a few years ago based on a HR attorney saying that you were forcing people to lie to go to Susie's field trip, and isn't easier to schedule knowing that someone scheduled the day off rather than call in the morning of. There's an accrual based on how many years of employment. It's not working. People are burning through their PTO, then the mindset is that they'll just take the day unpaid. Come November, you can't use your un-used days and you can't bank them into the new year or pay someone for unused days (because of same HR attorney). But, it doesn't stop the PTO abusers from still calling in for unpaid days.
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Re: Need Ideas--Maxed Out on Sick Leave - 08/25/17 03:20 PM

In my state there is a mandatory sick time law that all employers must abide by. Once an employee maxes that out they must use accrued PTO.
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Re: Need Ideas--Maxed Out on Sick Leave - 09/20/17 08:42 PM

At a former employer (non-bank, but in the financial services industry), once you had accumulated the maximum amount of PTO, any new accruals went into a pool called "forfeited leave." You could use your forfeited leave to donate to coworkers that have a documented illness and have exhausted their PTO or to retire early. My spouse, who still works at my former shop, can retire with full pension at age 56 because he has banked so much forfeited leave.