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Posted By: Auditgal

MLA Website - 10/19/21 08:27 PM

I feel certain that I saw in some FAQ or similar that if the DOD website is down and you cannot get the borrower verified and certificate printed that you should do a print screen documenting the website not working and keep in the loan file. I cannot find where I (think) saw that. Anyone familiar with it? Ring a bell? If so, I would appreciate you providing where it was from.
Posted By: raitchjay

Re: MLA Website - 10/19/21 08:46 PM

I've never seen such guidance...not saying it doesn't exist, but if it does, it's news to me. My procedures with my staff are: if at first you don't succeed, try, try again. The site, in my experience, doesn't tend to stay down for days at a time.
Posted By: Auditgal

Re: MLA Website - 10/19/21 09:12 PM

In a consumer vehicle or unsecured transaction, the application and closing are usually done the same day. So if the site is down for the day then the bank can only try it again the following day which is post-consummation. So I swear I saw that the bank should do a print screen the site is down to document the loan file... Maybe it was just a training company's best idea?
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Re: MLA Website - 10/19/21 09:20 PM

I'd have to go to the site to confirm what it looks like, but it just sounds intuitively wrong to me......what is distinctive about a screenshot from today vs. a screenshot from 6 months ago? Are they time-stamped? If it truly were guidance from the DOD, i think every bank back office in America would suddenly get flooded with "screenshots" that were from that time 6 months ago when the site was glitching for 15 minutes. Just my opinion.
Posted By: Auditgal

Re: MLA Website - 10/19/21 09:30 PM

I see what you are saying. But otherwise the bank could just put a note in the file saying the website was down so they checked it the day after. So what is to keep them from doing it all the time because they didn't get it checked on time? If the screenshot shows the date or the computer time/date at the bottom then you've got better proof you tried and couldn't.
Posted By: raitchjay

Re: MLA Website - 10/19/21 09:31 PM

That.....and how does printing a screenshot of a downed website ensure whether or not the person getting the loan is a "covered borrower"? I just don't see the DOD saying "well....that person is a covered borrower......but the bank has a screenshot printed showing that the website was down that day, so no harm, no foul". I truly do get that it's annoying when the website goes down...but i think the only answer is to delay closings until its back up, if you're saying that it is staying down a full day.

One last thing i'll add: i had a processor once who swore to me that it was down for days at a time...turns out, the issue was with their web browser and how it treated their "favorites".
Posted By: raitchjay

Re: MLA Website - 10/19/21 09:34 PM

I'm afraid that "checking it the day after" is sort of a pointless exercise. What do they do the day after when they get a positive hit of a covered borrower?
Posted By: Auditgal

Re: MLA Website - 10/19/21 09:37 PM

I agree with you definitely, I guess they could note the website wasn't working and that would cover their non-compliance with bank procedures but leaves them out in the cold for having a presumption of compliance still in terms of checking the status, etc.
Posted By: Christy Campbell

Re: MLA Website - 10/20/21 01:40 PM

We recently decided to pony up the additional $.35 per report to have the MLA determination added to our credit reports. There are times we still have to default to the DoD website, like when a lender is using a previous credit report for a new loan request but, that's a rarity. It's alleviated a ton of frustration with that website seemingly always having issues. Just a suggestion.
Posted By: rlcarey

Re: MLA Website - 10/20/21 01:50 PM

" like when a lender is using a previous credit report for a new loan request"

Just put an end to that practice as I will bet you dollars to donuts that violates your contract with your credit bureau.