Newspaper "Teaser" Add for Bonus

Posted By: Luv2run

Newspaper "Teaser" Add for Bonus - 08/09/21 07:23 PM

We are promoting a product where we are offering a cash bonus after certain terms are met. I understand the requirements for disclosures when advertising a bonus. However, Marketing would like to place a banner "Teaser Add" on one page of the newspaper. Something to the effect of "Open a Young Savers Account and Receive $75" with a foot note of "see our add on page 7" where all the disclosures would be. I feel this might be OK in the digital format if there is a one click, but I am not thinking this is a good idea for print. Any guidance would be appreciated!!!
Posted By: rlcarey

Re: Newspaper "Teaser" Add for Bonus - 08/09/21 07:37 PM

I am not able to justify that approach with the regulatory guidance.
Posted By: Luv2run

Re: Newspaper "Teaser" Add for Bonus - 08/10/21 06:43 PM

I agree. Based on what I read, I suggested a vague teaser rather than one that gets into specifics. I think that was well received.