Loan Product Flyer

Posted By: Mel in WA

Loan Product Flyer - 11/10/21 04:24 PM

Marketing has created a flyer that lists all the loan products we offer - Conventional, FHA, VA, etc. Do we need to add a disclosure about FHA and VA loans (i.e., subject to VA entitlement, certificate of eligibility) just because they are mentioned on the flyer?
Posted By: rlcarey

Re: Loan Product Flyer - 11/11/21 04:01 PM

Not that I am aware of anything specific that would be required. I am sure that you have some boiler plate language about credit qualifications ,etc. Hard to say without reviewing the flyer as to what it is really saying.
Posted By: Mel in WA

Re: Loan Product Flyer - 11/15/21 08:19 PM

Yes, we do have the boiler plate language about credit qualifications, insurance, etc.

The products are simply in a bullet list - see below:

- Fixed Rate and Adjustable Rate Conventional Loans
- Low & No Down Payment Options, such as VA, FHA, and USDA
- Custom Construction
- Jumbo Loans
- Bridge Loans
- Lot/Land