Free Gambling

Posted By: Texas Boy

Free Gambling - 10/23/08 06:11 PM

Hey Guys,

You really need to sign up for this and play. It is awesome, you bet for free and can watch everyone else's bets. Plus you can really cash out when you get some winnings. They give you 10 cents to start with and if you loose it they just give you another 10 cents. Totally Ad funded and the ads are not a pain and you dont have to watch any long ads.

They have all the sports and show you the odds for everything. So you can bet on Tennis pretty much any day while you are waiting on the football games to come around.

Sign up at this link so I can watch yours and you can watch mine.

Click Here

It is really fun and does not allow you to pay any money for anything so not a risk to any of you gambling away your savings!