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Posted By: Bagweaver

Web Cams - 11/23/08 07:27 PM

I'm considering buying a web cam for my son's computer as well as one for mine. Having no experience with them, I need help! I've seen them as cheap as $19.95 on up to several hundred dollars. All I want to be able to do with them is talk with my son and his family (especially the grandchildren) so I don't feel that they should be expensive, but don't know if the cheaper versions will do the job.

Posted By: Bimmer

Re: Web Cams - 11/23/08 09:24 PM

Cheaper versions do work, but just remember that you get what you pay for.

The more expensive ones generally have higher resolution, and come with better software for using with the camera. Take a look at Logitech's cameras. I have also heard good things about the Microsoft LifeCam's.

If you go to my favorite online store, www.newegg.com, they have a huge selection, and I generally trust the product reviews on there.
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Re: Web Cams - 11/23/08 10:11 PM

Any suggestions on manufacturer? I'm leaning toward Microsoft only because that's about the only name I recognize.
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Re: Web Cams - 11/23/08 10:36 PM

Microsoft or Logitech are good choices. It's kinda like buying a digital camera (look for resolution, pixels and frames per second. You'll avoid that herky-jerky motion with more FPS). Like Bimmer said, you get what you pay for. And I also recommend Newegg--you won't be sorry! My other favorite site is www.jr.com.



Here's a review on web cams that might be helpful:


Good luck shopping!
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Re: Web Cams - 11/23/08 10:50 PM

I like Logitech for web cams. But, like I said, I have heard good things about the Microsoft LifeCam line of Web Cam's as well.

Assuming you both have high speed internet connectivity, I would go with a 1.3 Mega Pixel camera. It will give you a much better picture than the .3 or .5 Mega Pixel cam's.

If you can avoid it, (due to price) I would stay away from cameras that say 1.3MP (Software Enhanced) or 1.3MP (interpolated). If you have to go with an interpolated or software enhanced camera, then go ahead because true 1.3 Mega Pixel cameras tends to cost a bit more.
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Re: Web Cams - 11/23/08 11:08 PM

Thanks for the suggestions. I may be back with more questions when I get down to the serious shopping instead of window shopping.