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Bluebloods - 03/13/12 03:11 PM

Is there anyone else who enjoys the Bluebloods series. The writers are excellent and each episode has two or three plots. I like the way they weave the law enfocrement story with the issues of being a law enforcement family. It really adds to the human side of the story and what what it is like being a cop.
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Re: Bluebloods - 03/13/12 03:13 PM

Is Robin Masters on that show?
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Re: Bluebloods - 03/13/12 03:58 PM

Yes, I've been watching it too. Tom Selleck does a great job, as does Donnie Wahlberg. Sometimes the plots are wrapped up a little too easily, but it is only a 1 hour show.
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Re: Bluebloods - 03/13/12 04:18 PM

I keep looking for Higgins(Sp?)and the doberman pinschers, AKA,The Lads.
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Re: Bluebloods - 03/13/12 05:21 PM

You mean Zeus and Apollo?
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Re: Bluebloods - 03/13/12 05:37 PM

Indeed Duchess. Everything else from the 80's has made full circle, why not the hairy chest and porn star mustache.