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Treadmill - 11/14/14 08:30 PM

I want to buy a treadmill. Would like to spend under $1000. I mainly walk, but do want to start doing some running.

Any advice?

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Re: Treadmill - 11/14/14 08:37 PM

Check out your local options for used equipment and/or Craigslist type postings. Always lots of New Year's resolutioners that get stuff, and 3 months in it's being used to store boxes on, so they trade it in or sell it.

Not much in the way of advice for purchasing a new one, sorry! But for your introductory needs, something simple and used might be a great way to go.
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Re: Treadmill - 11/14/14 08:43 PM

For the cost of a treadmill, you could join your local YMCA for a couple years, and have a variety of equipment to use, plus the social aspects of having other sweaty people around you. Of course, if you have to go 20 miles to get to one, it may not be feasible.
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Re: Treadmill - 11/14/14 08:45 PM

Agree with Matt and MBH

There is also on you drive home look on the side of the road there should be one or two on trash day.
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Re: Treadmill - 11/14/14 08:55 PM

FG: I bought one some years ago that I love. talked myself into spending the most I could afford and I'm glad I did. It was still considered a "budget" treadmill. I talked to the guys at local gyms about brands and features.

Get one with a wide deck for when you do (and you will!) run. I got one that will accommodate more weight, too. The hubby swore to be a non-treadmill guy until he decided not to run outside like the native Iowans!

I like having one with programmed features in it. I'm not creative, and need something to tell me when to speed up or incline or whatever.

There was something about the padding on the deck that was a seller for my spouse, but I don't remember what that was. I know that it is comfortable for all of us to run on... pounding on the deck is quiet as is the noise from the motor.

Mine isn't the smallest when folding up, but we rarely fold it anyway, so who cares! Easy maintenance.
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Re: Treadmill - 11/14/14 08:57 PM

We had a really nice one for a while. I found that it very easily held 3-4 shirts, a couple of sports jackets and several pairs of pants very nicely.
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Re: Treadmill - 11/14/14 09:00 PM

Precors are great, but spendy and gym-quality.

You'd probably do fine picking up a NordicTrack for that amount. I was considering the NordicTrack 970 (decent size motor, rollers, etc.) I don't believe it had the Flexselect system where you can adjust the firmness and I found the treadmill too bouncy for my liking.

I bought the Sole F80 and I've been happy with it (although it only gets used when too rainy or cold). Also, I liked that it folded up straighter than the NordicTrack and had four wheels making it more manuverable.

Online reviews will drive you crazy because there are a bunch of "planted" reviews on treadmills for and against. Personally, I'd steer clear of the ones you can get for $200 - $300.

Off the top of my head things to consider: Size of rollers (the bigger the less overall wear on the drive, belt, and less noise), size of motor (2.5, 3.5, etc.--you'll need a bigger motor depending on weight), is the belt one-ply or two ply, do you like a lot of standard programs (I ended up justing manuall selecting my own speed/incline etc.), and also consider the size of the belt. For walking you'd probably be fine with a 20" x 55" belt. But since you ultimately want to be running I'd be inclined to go with a longer (60") belt.

Some treadmills have LCD screens that similate a course and are wireless, but I mostly run with my iPod or watch a movie on my tablet instead.

Lastly, don't put much stock in the built in fans on treadmills because they all pretty much suck. You're better off getting a cheap clip on fan.

Bottom line, try a couple models and see what's comfortable. If you have a Sears outlet store you can pick up some great deals.
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Re: Treadmill - 11/17/14 03:19 PM

I concur with what Freak has said.

I had a NordicTrack in your price range for several years, after the second move (maybe 5 - 7 years old) "something" went wrong and I gave it away. I liked it as much as one can like treadmills and it might have been a cheap fix but by then I was running outside in all weather.

If you happen to be tall like me (or have a tall hubby) go with the longer belt. Even with a 60" one I shorten my stride a lot when compared to being outside.

I didn't go with the fancy LCD screens. I would typically blast the tv or stereo in the room and it was good enough. The fans on them don't do much either. Buy a cheap box fan and prop it up to help keep you cool.
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Re: Treadmill - 11/17/14 04:01 PM

Agree on the Precor, mine has lasted 6+ years with absolutely no issues at all. I'd buy one again.
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Re: Treadmill - 11/17/14 05:19 PM

I appreciate all the comments and suggestions.
I do have a membership at the gym, but with the weather getting colder, when I get home, I don't want to go out again!
Will be going to the stores and seeing what I can find.
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Re: Treadmill - 11/17/14 05:29 PM

We belong to three gyms and we still run/walk on ours!
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Re: Treadmill - 11/18/14 03:28 PM

We bought one at our local Sears store about 3 years ago. We absolutely love it! We use it all the time. We opted to get one that could do different programs on it for different workouts. I don't remember how much it cost but know it was under $1000.