Selling on Ebay

Posted By: Skittles

Selling on Ebay - 03/15/16 03:53 PM

Does anyone sell anything on Ebay. My husband has some items he wants me to sell and I've never done it before.
Posted By: thomasj

Re: Selling on Ebay - 03/15/16 04:22 PM

I've sold a few things before, mostly stuff for my kids. It is fairly easy to make a listing as long as you have an e-bay and Paypal account. There are fees of course, but it's pretty straight forward.
Posted By: MB Guy

Re: Selling on Ebay - 03/15/16 05:19 PM

I've bought and sold over 250 items on eBay, including a few cars and a couple motorcycles in addition to numerous other items. It's very easy to list and sell, although as TG said there are fees and they can be expensive if the items sell for larger dollar amounts. Very simple and very effective, which is why it's so popular. Wish their fees were a little less expensive, however.
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Re: Selling on Ebay - 03/15/16 05:25 PM

Thanks for your responses. I guess I'll just have to get on there and figure it out. My husband has some 'odd' items to sell. He paints wargaming figures and these are sets from about 20 years ago that are 15mm in size. He now paints 25 mm.
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Re: Selling on Ebay - 03/15/16 05:46 PM

The cool thing about ebay is you can find buyers for really "niche" stuff - the true collectors.
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Re: Selling on Ebay - 03/15/16 05:50 PM

The nice thing is that you can work on and tweek your listing prior to publishing it. You need to make sure you are familiar with reserves and buy it now options. Also, whether or not you will accept international offers.

It is really easy, they walk you through the process and when an item sells, you can even purchase/print postage and shipping labels right from the site. E-bay/Paypal make it as simple as possible.

My son sold an old broken Disney themed toy that was mine when I was a kid on e-bay. It was a small plastic scooter with Goofy riding it that was missing a handlebar. He ended up selling the thing for $40 or so. My daughter has had me sell some of her college text books for more than what she would get trading them in or selling them at the college bookstore.
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Re: Selling on Ebay - 03/15/16 06:06 PM

Hadn't thought about the international issues.
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Re: Selling on Ebay - 03/15/16 06:07 PM

Skittles, my husband also is a wargamer and painter (somehow I suspected your husband was because you made a comment in another thread about him sitting at the table, painting, with the dog at his feet. Could be our house!). He does a lot of buying off eBay and it seems the market is pretty robust. He didn't seem to have much trouble figuring it out. But once your husband sees what's available out there, he'll probably want to start looking for himself at what that market is like.
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Re: Selling on Ebay - 03/15/16 06:26 PM

Thanks DEL - and yes, he paints these tiny little detailed figures and I have no idea how he does that - especially when he's creating tiny little flags. We both buy of Ebay (I make jewelry and make necklaces), but have never sold.
Posted By: E.E.G.B

Re: Selling on Ebay - 03/15/16 10:25 PM

TJ is right, it really is easy. I used to sell quite often, and currently have a collector's item up for auction right now. smile

Just be sure you have a good photo ready to go, and it walks you through it.

For me, the toughest part is actually getting the item to the post office, LOL. This is why my current auction ends on Saturday morning, so I can box it up and ship it right away after I get my Paypal funds.
Posted By: Wolfy

Re: Selling on Ebay - 03/17/16 04:25 PM

I sold items on eBay years ago and then ran a Amazon store front for about 5 years. Was a fun hobby but I got bored with dealing with USPS and UPS for the little profits I was making.
Posted By: MB Guy

Re: Selling on Ebay - 03/17/16 06:30 PM

Wolfy, what were you selling primarily?
Posted By: Wolfy

Re: Selling on Ebay - 03/18/16 04:56 PM

Sorry posted that when I had a migraine so it is fairly cryptic.
I sold mostly toys and computer parts. Also media I imported from Japan.
But now everyone has Drama Fever and Crackle on their Roku so no need for DVDs.
Posted By: Rocky P

Re: Selling on Ebay - 03/19/16 07:39 PM

Thanks so much everyone. We have a housefull of stuff that we are not/ have not/ will not be using Sounds easy