Dang Clemson...

Posted By: HappyGilmore

Dang Clemson... - 01/08/19 01:27 PM

Looks like Clemson is changing their mascot to the Moon, because they sure impacted the Tide...
Posted By: waldensouth

Re: Dang Clemson... - 01/08/19 02:05 PM

Cute.. I expected it to be a close game -but nothing at all like what actually happened last night. Clemson came prepared to win and they did. They earned that championship - Congratulations Clemson!
Posted By: burkemi

Re: Dang Clemson... - 01/08/19 02:11 PM

I watched Bama and Clemson play a few times this year. Coming into the game last night, I really thought Bama was the better team. They certainly looked the part throughout the season. But I agree with Walden...Clemson was prepared and played as if they were in a National Championship Game, Alabama did not. Of course, some of those crazy sideline catches helped, too.

Congrats to Clemson. Hard fought and well earned.