hey south texas peeps

Posted By: HappyGilmore

hey south texas peeps - 09/19/19 03:16 PM

you guys making out okay with the huge rainfall you've been having?
Posted By: rlcarey

Re: hey south texas peeps - 09/19/19 03:56 PM

Well, all is pretty good on Galveston Island - some minor street flooding and I think a few houses took some water - but being on an island, if it quits raining - the water goes down rapidly. We had a break yesterday afternoon, but it has started up again this morning. I have measured 17 inches in my rain gauge since Tuesday morning as of earlier this morning, but I have a feeling there is another inch or two in the gauge now. Inland towards East Texas is really getting hammered last night and today.
Posted By: Sunshine Lady

Re: hey south texas peeps - 09/19/19 04:02 PM

Yes, we really got hammered in East Texas yesterday, but today just a steady not heavy rain. Not sure how much we got, but my yard has water standing in it. We are under a flash flood watch today. Chance of rain 80%.
Posted By: raitchjay

Re: hey south texas peeps - 09/19/19 04:18 PM

System is supposed to make it all the way up to my part of the world late tonight and tomorrow.....but won't be nearly as severe for us. Locally, they're calling for 3-4 inches of rain.