Posted By: beegee

Carvana? - 12/10/20 06:38 PM

Has anyone sold a car on Carvana?

Posted By: burkemi

Re: Carvana? - 12/11/20 09:17 PM

I haven't - but to be fair, I've never heard of it, either. lol
Posted By: Rocky P

Re: Carvana? - 12/11/20 10:11 PM

We were going to, but the price was so lowball we traded it in, and took advantage of a smaller sales tax.
Posted By: HappyGilmore

Re: Carvana? - 12/16/20 03:56 PM

go look at online reviews, I have not seen/read good things about the process, buying or selling
Posted By: InFairness, CRCM

Re: Carvana? - 12/16/20 07:20 PM

Looked at it, but price was ridiculously low so we sold ourselves.