Glacier Vacation

Posted By: Susielou

Glacier Vacation - 08/23/21 05:16 PM

If you've been to Glacier National Park, let me hear some suggestions! We are flying there right after Labor Day to Missoula and spending 3 days on the West side and 3 days on the east side. I know a lot of things will be shut down after Labor Day, and hopefully some of the crowds will be back in school. We have a rental and lodging reserved.
Posted By: Adam Witmer

Re: Glacier Vacation - 08/23/21 06:40 PM

I lucked out the first time I went as I ran into a guy the day before my visit to the park that created maps of day hikes in Glacier National Park - Jake Bramante. I highly recommend Jake's Glacier map as he does a great job of outlining day hikes, allowing you to decide what you want to do. You can see that Jake ranks his favorite hikes on this link, which is very helpful.

My all time favorite hike is the about a half mile of the trail right across from the parking lot to Logan's Pass - It's the first mile of Highline Trail. Logan's Pass is a must, but many miss the beginning of "Highline Trail", which is right across the street from Logan's Pass parking lot and is a MUST.

Also, Many Glacier (the North entrance on the East side of the park) is where I saw Moose and a bear (from across a field, fortunately).

GNP is a great park. Enjoy your trip!
Posted By: RockChucker, CAMS

Re: Glacier Vacation - 08/23/21 06:41 PM

We really enjoyed hiking around Avalanche camping ground due to the large old trees. You will have a great time no matter where you go.