Ham recipe

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Ham recipe - 04/15/22 05:28 PM

Does anyone have a good ham recipe? I thought there used to be one on BOL... smile
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Re: Ham recipe - 04/16/22 06:41 AM

I've always found that this recipe works for me, my friends and family:

1. Cook ham.
2. Serve.

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Re: Ham recipe - 04/16/22 01:13 PM

Are you talking about cooking a fresh ham, recipe for ham leftovers . . . ?

My personal preference is Honey Baked - easy and excellent.

One fresh ham recipe - https://farmhouseharvest.net/fall-apart-fresh-ham-roast-in-oven-the-best-recipe/ I've used brown sugar instead of maple syrup, as when cool, it crusts.
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Thanks for the reference. I need to upgrade my rig.
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Re: Ham recipe - 04/22/22 05:36 PM

hahaha, you clowns...