Stinky House

Posted By: Anonymous

Stinky House - 06/25/04 08:59 PM

HELP! We have houseguests. They just fried pork chops in my kitchen, and now the whole house smells like we fried the entire pig. I have other company coming later this evening and I don't want to gag when they walk in the door. What is the quickest, surest way to get rid of this odor?
Posted By: beaten blind

Re: Stinky House - 06/25/04 09:04 PM

Febreeze! It works wonders - spray everything - the drapes, the carpets, the furniture (if upholstered), etc. I said I would never have a dog in the house because I could always smell my mother's dog every time I walked into her home. Now, I have a Scottish Terrier - IN THE HOUSE! I use Febreeze daily!
Posted By: Jay Bruce

Re: Stinky House - 06/25/04 09:06 PM

If all else fails....move the party outdoors. Spray everyone down with bug spray to cover up any pig smell.
Posted By: trinna

Re: Stinky House - 06/25/04 09:12 PM

Febreeze does work wonders but be very careful that one of your guests doesn't have allergies or asthma. I have used the regular Febreeze and had no problems but I bought a new scent and my husband had an asthma attack. No kidding.
Posted By: beaten blind

Re: Stinky House - 06/25/04 09:15 PM

Great point! I forgot to say that I use the "original" - not the scented versions!
Posted By: JacF

Re: Stinky House - 06/25/04 09:17 PM

Good point, Trinia. Whenever I buy Febreeze or Lysol or any such product, I have to buy the blue can because my wife is allergic to the other colors.

Other than what has already been mentioned, the only solution I can think of to the fried pork smell is to fry some fish.
Posted By: Snowqueen

Re: Stinky House - 06/25/04 09:20 PM

febreeze and open the windows!!!!
Posted By: KSK

Re: Stinky House - 06/25/04 09:23 PM

If you have a breadmaker, bake some fresh bread. If you don't, go to the store and buy the frozen Rhoades (there are other brands as well - I just can't recall the names)bread dough and bake it. The house will still smell - but not like you ate the whole pig.

Another idea is to light several non-offensive smelling candles (all of the same scent - not mixed) around the house. There is something about the burning of the oxygen at the wick that has a way of disbursing odors. But then with the candle scent, you also replace the smell of one thing with something more pleasing to the olfactory (sp?) receptors.
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Re: Stinky House - 06/25/04 09:27 PM

The first thing I would do is air the house out without using anything. Then try one of the above suggestions. Reason being, you don't want the house smelling like "Rain Garden Fried Pig"!
Posted By: Compliance Mom

Re: Stinky House - 06/25/04 09:27 PM

When my husband smokes up the house with his cooking everything on high habit, I open windows, turn the central unit on and spray something fresh smelling into the intake. A few minutes of circulating air is all it takes.
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Re: Stinky House - 06/25/04 09:33 PM

Boil a little pine sole or water with cinnamon on the stove. Well, a very low simmer...
Posted By: RGS

Re: Stinky House - 06/25/04 09:36 PM

A wet Airedale will do the trick. The house will still stink, but nobody will be able to smell the pork chops
Posted By: Skunk Boy

Re: Stinky House - 06/25/04 09:43 PM

cover a cookie sheet in aluminium foil, then put some cinnamon on it. Put it in the oven at a low temp, and the whole place will smell good.

My parents used that trick when we were selling the house!
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Re: Stinky House - 06/25/04 09:49 PM


Other than what has already been mentioned, the only solution I can think of to the fried pork smell is to fry some fish.

I'm loving these suggestions, but this one in particular (and the one about the Rain Garden Fried Pig) made me ROFL.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Stinky House - 06/25/04 10:01 PM

Place a couple of bowls of white distilled vinegar in the rooms affected. This will do it....also wipe down the stove area with fresh lemon juice!
Posted By: Justin Case

Re: Stinky House - 06/25/04 10:18 PM

Light a match. This works for more than just the bathroom!
Posted By: HRH Dawnie

Re: Stinky House - 06/25/04 11:57 PM


Light a match. This works for more than just the bathroom!

If you pour gasoline around the premeter of the house, empty it of any valuables and children, pets, etc. then light the match...all smells will vanish.

Don't call 911 right away...if you do you'll still have the smell and a messy smoke residue to deal with
Posted By: Andy_Z

Re: Stinky House - 06/25/04 11:58 PM

2 things, 1) Fabreeze and birds DO NOT match. My wife lost several Finches and it wasn't even sprayed in the same room. 2) If they good friends, when they come in blame Michael for getting "pork chop" scented air freshener or if they are really good friends, tell them it is a beautiful night, you're eating out or at least outside.