CTR - Section A - Address

Posted By: AuditorK

CTR - Section A - Address - 10/15/09 01:01 PM

When completing a CTR for an association/group, that doesn't have any physical place of business or residence, is it acceptable to list the address of the person to whom the statements are sent in Section A. If so, can we just list that address or should we be placing "c/o John Doe, 123 Main Street" in the address section. I say we just list "123 Main Street" since "c/o John Doe" is not an address. Others here disagree. Thanks for you help!
Posted By: Retread

Re: CTR - Section A - Address - 10/15/09 03:17 PM

I don't think you will find anything in writing to answer your question. The only thing you might hang your hat on is that the CTR calls for a street address. Including c/o in that field is not a street address. Just keep one thing in mind. The purpose of the CTR is to report large cash transactions. If IRS is interested in following up on a CTR, they want an address where they can go to get records and find someone with knowledge of the transactions. I think the street address is sufficient.
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Re: CTR - Section A - Address - 10/15/09 08:53 PM

Their business documents, if applicable, should have the principal business address.