CTR Refiling Questions

Posted By: MadisonCali

CTR Refiling Questions - 07/29/11 12:48 PM

Two questions:

1) Would you refile for something small like the 'multiple transactions' box not being checked?

2) Would anyone know of a way to check and see if a CTR was filed? We are just moving to electronic filing (I know, I know smile ), and I found one instance in the first quarter where I believe the Lead Teller just forgot to make a copy of the CTR that she sent in, because it's noted on her log that it was done.

Thanks! Happy Friday smile
Posted By: rlcarey

Re: CTR Refiling Questions - 07/29/11 12:47 PM

1) I would chalk it up to a technical error and not send in an amendment, train and move on if it was a one time instance.

2) Your bank must maintain records of the file transmitted to the IRS for five years. I would be looking there first.
Posted By: Big Dog

Re: CTR Refiling Questions - 07/29/11 12:54 PM

1. No, its not really material as long as you can identify the transactions that triggered the CTR should law enforcement come lookin'.

2. Contact the CTR Hotline. They may be able to help you, or at least let you know how to proceed. You will need a copy for your records anyway.

Get that e-filing going - it is a real time saver.
Posted By: MadisonCali

Re: CTR Refiling Questions - 07/29/11 01:00 PM

Thanks for the replies.

We're a small bank, and we have a new Lead Teller and President and are more open to electronic filing, so I'm making it happen ASAP smile