New SAR Instructions

Posted By: SunnyFL, CRCM

New SAR Instructions - 10/05/12 06:46 PM

You can certainly tell it's Friday before a long weekend.....can anyone point me in the direction of the instructions for the new SAR format (line by line)?! Please and thank you very much!
Posted By: JacF

Re: New SAR Instructions - 10/05/12 07:11 PM

You can find the line-by-line instructions in the form itself. Open the form, hover your cursor over each field to view instructions for that particular field.
Posted By: Elwood P. Dowd

Re: New SAR Instructions - 10/05/12 07:23 PM

Go to the User Test System and review the right column. It contains links to each of the demonstration forms and, further down, their instructions.

The line by line instructions for each of the forms is in attachment C of the respective document.

As noted, much of the same information appears when you hover your cursor over a specific field on the demonstration form.
Posted By: SunnyFL, CRCM

Re: New SAR Instructions - 10/05/12 07:43 PM

I am familiar with the instruction when you hover over the field but it is actually the "Parts" that have us confused (we are practicing with our first new SAR format). We are a small shop - five branches. We have a situation where the activity occurred at a branch. The contact person for the SAR is located at the main office. We were trying to put our main office info in Part IV (Contact Info) and the branch info in Part III. However, near the bottom of the page for Part III it asks for "Branch where activity occurred information". So would we actually repeat the main office info in Part III then complete the branch info at the bottom? Can you give me a situation when Part IV and III might be different just so I can get it straight in my head? Thanks for the help.
Posted By: SunnyFL, CRCM

Re: New SAR Instructions - 10/05/12 08:03 PM

Found 'em! Thanks. We are not a batch filer so didn't think to look there. Silly me. Great weekend to all!