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Payroll Cards -- TransCard - 11/04/13 07:05 PM

Does your bank offer reloadable payroll cards? If so, are you familiar with Transcard?

They offer reloadable payroll cards - if "instant issue" either by your FI or by the employer, there is no name on the card. If not instant issue and ordered online, there WILL be a name on the card. They are reloadable from PayPal, GreenDot, etc but they do not accept or send IAT transactions. There is a PIN tied to the card - but the PIN and card can be shared or given to someone else. OFAC is done at issue and once a month thereafterwards by TransCard.
TransCard does have a BSA policy and monitors transactions. You can access reports via a server but the ultimate BSA responsibility resides with the bank.

I need ammunition for NOT offering thistype of payroll card. I only have one experience to rely on and it was a smaller bank who offered NON-reloadable payroll cards, VISA owned the cards and therefore owned all BSA responsibility.

Help! Or are these cards the new "norm"?? Thanks.
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Re: Payroll Cards -- TransCard - 11/04/13 07:27 PM

It might be just me, but who in their right minds would want to be involved and what employer would want to issue payroll cards that are not person specific??
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Re: Payroll Cards -- TransCard - 11/05/13 01:51 AM

I would suggest you review the CFPB's bulletin on payroll cards that came out last month: