trouble e-filing

Posted By: NotDoneYet

trouble e-filing - 03/14/14 02:54 PM

I have contacted the help desk, but I suddenly can't submit any reports through e-file. When I click submit, it tells me to log in first, but I already am. I think it could be my Internet Explorer. I've always had to use an older version with FinCEN. Anyone else aware of any changes in FinCEN's site which may be causing this very recent problem?
Thanks for any help!
Posted By: Just Jean

Re: trouble e-filing - 03/14/14 03:11 PM

I'm awaiting a callback too. All of a sudden, the system will not accept my PIN.
Posted By: ms.understood

Re: trouble e-filing - 03/14/14 04:46 PM

NotDone: I used to run across that problem when I logged in to file and filled out the form there. It kept timing me out - very frustrating. Not sure if that is your issue or not, but I started saving a template of the form, working it, then logging in to just file it.

To Do: I got an error about my PIN not working once, and called the tech support line. He worked with me for about an hour, and it turned out that the attachment file I had named had a character it didn't like. I can't remember what the character was, maybe a hyphen, or number sign. The error message was completely unrelated to the true error. Even the helpdesk was baffled. Do you have an attachment to your file?
Posted By: NotDoneYet

Re: trouble e-filing - 03/14/14 06:57 PM

We have saved templates and all I have to do is sign, save and submit. But thanks for the suggestion.
Posted By: Greg

Re: trouble e-filing - 03/15/14 08:41 AM

Check your Adobe Acrobat settings. Your preferences need to be set to open web files in a browser window. If you uncheck that box you're opening the CTR outside the filing site. I prefer to have that box unchecked so the files I pull from the web open in the full version instead of a web page. If I forget to change it when I try to file I get that error message.